a    adult   alike   anger   arm 
  a few   advertisement   alive   angry   armchair
  a little   advice   all    animal    army 
  a lot   advise   allow   ankle   around 
  a.m.   affect    almost   another    arrange 
  able    afraid    alone   answer   arrive
  about   after    along    ant   art 
  above    afternoon   aloud   any    artist
  abroad   again    alphabet   anybody    as 
  absent   against    already    anyone   ask 
  accept   age    also    anything   asleep
  accident   ago   although   anywhere   assistant
  across   agree    altogether   apartment   assume
  act    ahead    always   apologize   at 
  action   aim    am   appear    attack
  active    air   ambulance   apple   attention
  activity    air conditioner   America   appreciate   August
  actor   airlines   American   April   aunt
  actress   airplane   among   are   autumn
  actually    airport   amount   area    available
  add    alarm   ancient   aren’t   avoid 
  address   album   and    argue   away 
  admire     angel    

★注意:有黃色標底者為基測 1000 字。
★基測 2000 字的字母 A 所有單字音檔下載請點此。(檔案為 rar 格式,請記得解壓縮)

Source: https://sense.pixnet.net/blog/post/10626376

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